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Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes shows a positive opinion to your customers about the brand you intend to promote on Facebook. Your customers can like a status, a post with your products, or like a picture with something you target to promote. Hitting a ‘like’ on something or liking a friend status, post, video or any other update on Facebook is a simple way to let someone aware that you enjoy it, simply without leaving a comment on it.

When you like a Facebook Page or an advertisement, you are making a connection. A history about your likes will appear on your Facebook timeline and may also become visible in your news feed. Like is a coolest way to grow major brand exposure, relationships, and communicate with targeted audience. It raises your visibility, builds relationships and also helps you to exchange your thought with the right audience.

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Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great way to connect with millions of people across the globe and to promote yourself, your brand and your company. It is a social networking site that allows you to keep yourself up to date about the things that really matter to you. It also allows other people to convey an interest in receiving these updates. Each user of a Twitter is a “follower” of at least one person. In Twitter ‘Following’ means that you are opting in to receive someone’s updates and ‘Twitter Followers’ are the people who receive other peoples tweet updates in their personal timeline.

The layout of twitter is very simple to use. It contains a box where you can post your tweets. A section in the right is basically for the statistics which is relevant to your account. You can find list of messages just below the box which is known as “tweets.” It allows you to check all the tweets updates of the people whom you are following. There is @Mentions entry in the right and by clicking on that it will show you that who has revealed your Twitter username particularly in one of his tweet updates.

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Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO is a good way to increase the popularity of a website and achieve higher rankings in search engine results. In fact submitting a youtube link to online directories, posting comments on web 2.0 blogs or forums is an important part of Youtube SEO. The link building process supplied by our team involves submitting your Youtube Video Link to high page rank web directories along with a small description in order to get a high position in SERPS, posting comments and articles, and so on.

For example, Directory submission is a good way to get better position in SERP. To get best result it is always advised to submit your link to the correct category. Online directories have different categories; make sure that you submit to the right category. There are certain niche directories that only list links of a particular business such as furniture, home décor, jewelry, and others. It is best to submit to a niche directory as this increases the value of the back link and guarantees a more favorable position in search engine rankings.

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